6/6/6/6/6 characters?

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User Info: Precious_Roy

4 years ago#21
Bhellium posted...
Only knew about the card technique...self-control... fading...

Screw it, here I come biotic god!

Gooood, goooood, feel the power of the dark side....

User Info: donkeyofdestiny

4 years ago#22
Whoever wrote the devblog about lone wolf tips has a 66666 Turian ghost. He tried to hide it, but I found out his dirty little secret (or he really would take bonus power with out overload, despite noting it was for overload).

I highly doubt they are banning for 66666 characters.
So I just bought a roast beef sandwich with carmalized onions. There is no roast beef on this sandwich. - Number4429
gt/psn: DonkeyOfDestiny
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