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4 years ago#1
I didn't get the insanity achievements after I beat the game, is it because I didn't make a decision at the end or because I didn't do the Omega mission (which I have)?
4 years ago#2
It because you didn't choose a color

Red-Destroy, Blue-Control, or Green-Synthesis Refusal doesn't count

As for the other, you may not have completed all the side missions
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4 years ago#3
As far as I know you only have to do the main story on insanity. Though the bigger question is are you sure you started the game on insanity? Because I think you have to do the opening Earth bit as well. Not something that ends well if the character is started when it's 2 incarnation wasn't on insanity it starts on what ever difficulty that was set to I believe. Or what ever difficulty it was set to when you last played. Also I believe it has to be a new character (either new to Mass Effect or imported from 2, not a new game plus).
4 years ago#4
After getting killed multiple times for missing my gunshots and seeing what would happen if I shot the catalyst AI, I finally made a decision and got the achievements.
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