Just finished Omega. Is BioWare even TRYING anymore?

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2 years ago#1
Ok, so I bought the Omega DLC because I love Mass Effect. A LOT. Like, more than most of my family. I mean, I hated the ending, I think BioWare is the laziest developer of all time, and they can't be trusted with their own IPs anymore, but I still get semblance of joy from their games. But not from Omega.

I don't know if you guys noticed, but we ran into Harrot from Mass Effect 2 in this DLC. I was super stoked. Harrot was one of my favorite characters from ME2, but when I got up close and started to talk to him, his signature cigar wasn't there! WTF. TOTAL CHARACTER ASSASSINATION. Seriously, at this point I just assume that BioWare just puts some piece of crap out whenever they need a paycheck. I mean, the ONLY REASON Harrot wasn't a squadmate is because BioWare is too stupid, lazy, and incompetent to actually put thought into their games. Completely disregard the fact that it makes literally no sense for Harrot to be a squadmate, the fact that he wasn't an important character, and the fact that my expectations are completely absurd, and just put your fanboyism aside and join me in my boycott of BioWare until they put out their next product.
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2 years ago#2
hahaha..... no just stop it bro not funny at all
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2 years ago#3
Okay, I admit that I chuckled when I read through the second paragraph.
2 years ago#4
I agree omega felt like it was rushed
2 years ago#5
Bioware, trying? Trololol
2 years ago#6
Love that final sentence. Sums up GFAQ boycotts nicely.

Bioware sucks at DLC though. Took many goes before LotSB came along, and that was only competent.
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  3. Just finished Omega. Is BioWare even TRYING anymore?

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