What did you get for Operation Detonator

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4 years ago#41
Valiant VI
4 years ago#42
Valkyrie II

haven't even used it yet. i was hoping for an Eagle III since i've been using it on my Shadow, or a Crusader VII just to get another step closer to a maxed N7 (it's my highest)
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4 years ago#43
Eagle III
Boo, and I had a good streak on not getting this one too...
4 years ago#44
Egale VI while my poor Hurricane sits on one
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4 years ago#45
My first hurricane in months.

I cried a little.
4 years ago#46
Oddly I got Valiant II, I was expecting another crusader or huricane upgrade.
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4 years ago#47
Valkyrie III
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4 years ago#48
Valiant V -_-

This gun seems to be plaguing alot of people this week.
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4 years ago#49
Valkyrie III
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4 years ago#50
Eagle VIII.
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