Your Thoughts:Every rare gun has a UR that outclasses it at the same level

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Those are just my picks. :P Forgot the Graal, Disciple's good for casters (low weight, increased stagger chance, good for setting up combos with ammo powers), Claymore's one-shot clip puts me off.

Claymore also oneshots any basic trooper without consumables. Cooldown over weapon damage is almost never worth it.

Unless you're a caster, such as most biotics.

+150% is fine. Any higher and you get almost nothing. Only Novaguards really need anything close to 200%.

Is there even a class that lets you get near 150% with a Claymore? I don't think Krogan with all the weight bonuses can even do that.

I get what you are saying about weapon damage, but there are better shotgun options for casters, like the Wraith and the Piranha. Any class trying to pull combos off is going to have a rougher time with the Claymore.
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If I'm using a claymore, I'm using it as my primary damage dealer and all my powers are just their to supplement that through debuffs or to set off fire explosions.
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This should be the case
it is not
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Best sniper = black widow
Best AR = harrier
Best smg = hurricane
Best shotty = piranha/claymore/wraith (I just can't decide)
Best pistol = acolyte/talon

This isn't what I was talking about with this topic. I'm not arguing that these guns aren't the best of their class but that any rare gun gets beat by a UR. IMO the piranha, claymore, and GPS may all be good guns but I feel every one of them is beaten out by a UR of the same level even if it isn't of the same class. Honestly the talon is one of my favorite guns and I have more success with it than any of those 3 plus it's lighter. The acolyte is one of the few guns I feel like may be an exception since it's so good vs shields but even if I wanted specifically a shield gun I'd rather take the talon since it fills that role enough and doesn't suck vs everything else. I'll also admit there are a few other exceptions as well on certain classes such as the piranha on a geth infiltrator.