Good weapon(s)/build for Adept in SP?

#11N7Spectre707Posted 12/2/2012 9:04:04 PM
Actually once you get high level weapon and mods, you can carry a few weapons.

My adept carries a phaeston, a blood pack smg, and a paladin pistol, all while keeping a 197% cooldown reduction.

Of course, the paladin is just for fun and you could probably put any pistol you want or none at all, or use a pistol instea of a phaeston etc. it's all about doing what you can to keep a low cooldown rate, so there's really no rule as to what an adept "has" to use.

As for bonus power, it's basically personal preference. With the omega dlc I took flare, which is a ton of fun to use. Otherwise, barrier might be a good choice as not only does it provide defensive benefits but also boosts the damage and force of your biotics. Then of course there are the ammo powers. Warp ammo and armor piercing are pretty good but personal preference for me is to just take James into combat and use his inferno ammo, and use something else as a bonus.
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