I would kill for a Phoenix Sentinel.

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4 years ago#21
Love this idea. The problem I have with the current Phoenix Adept is how squishy he is; Tech Armor and Reave would negate this so well. Not to mention the biotic explosions with Area Reave and Smash would be AMAZING.
4 years ago#22
While we're on the subject of Phoenix characters... here's an Ex-Cerb Phantom idea:

Tactical Cloak
Biotic Protection
Phase Disruptor

4 years ago#23
the 30% power increase from TA would make both reave and smash too good. NTM the damage reduction from reave and TA >_>

seriously, a class like this would be OP, reave is just too good to put on most kits that have other options for offensive attacks.
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4 years ago#24
PoopMasterGoetz posted...
Cool, another adept with tech armor. *rolls eyes*

As opposed to another soldier with a biotic grenade.
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  3. I would kill for a Phoenix Sentinel.

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