best characters to use on platinum

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pureevilpanda posted...
o ok so whats a good beginner character to use then an is the saber a good weapon to use on platinum

Krogan vanguard or geth infiltrator are probably the easiest classes to use on platinum. Not that they will make it easy, but krogan vanguard is the best tank character in the game and the geth infiltrator is the best damage dealer. And I'm not a fan of the Saber, but I don't use it enough to really tell you one way or the other.
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Turian Ghost: Stimpacks act as uber mode, you've got a great dodge, Fire explosions, and you can kill nearly anything

Human/ExCerb Adept works for all biotic teams with the Acolyte

Demolisher is nice for camping/offensive camping

MQI/MQE have great synergy with the entire team

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Human Soldier with a Claymore spec'd for max weapon damage + 100% shield restore with Adrenaline Rush is a good class for any situation.

Solid ranged damage with a Smart Choke on the Claymore (can swap out for extended barrel on Glacier, since everything's short range) plus huge spike damage on anything that gets close (shoot, AR, shoot is devastating).

Instant shield restore, has a dodge roll, frag grenades are quite strong and spamming them + ammo clip consumable can help save missiles for later rounds, etc.
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manbearpig654 posted...
The absolute best are those that can either bring the heat or tank like crazy.

Any infiltrator
Human soldiers
Krogan vanguard
Geth soldier

some others are pretty good to, but these are the absolute best.

careful now, you dont want to get lobby kicked for using something thats too easy mode....

the few times i went platinum i used a salarian infil with a javelin. cloak, ED, shoot or cloak, PM, shoot
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