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3 years ago#11
I really enjoyed it. However, I'm not really sure I could say that it's worth $15. If it ever goes on sale though, I'd highly recommend it.
3 years ago#12
TC, Leviathan went on sale for Black Friday. Its the holidays so Omega/ Leviathan should be going on sale pretty soon. Don't quote me on that one though. I'd wait to see if they do go on sale though. sorry but... do you think the past tense of fight is thought? - Wolf_J_Flywheel
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3 years ago#13
I would say Leviathan was better. Had a little side investigation portion and was related to the overall plot. Omega was just a giant sidequest with nothing unique about it. It was fun because ME3 is just fun, but it was nothing special.
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3 years ago#14
I'm a Mass Effect junkie and own all dlc across the trilogy, so I am not sure I can answer this question objectively. Well actually, may be more of a Bioware junkie as I did the same thing to Da: O/Awakening and Da2 with their dlc.....
3 years ago#15
There is no justification to the $15 price tag, and if you get it on Xbox, it's actually $20, unless you had points left over. I was really disappointed to hear MS was doing away with MSPs, except for Live.
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3 years ago#16
I thoroughly enjoyed it, and the bonus power you get after beating it is crazy good. Overall, I thought Omega was a much better DLC than Leviathan.

So for me, yeah, I think it was worth it.

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