So what's the big craze with calling the characters "kits" and "toons"?

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Kits caught on because BW used it for whatever reason.

Toon is just used by one guy who is completely insane and thinks people call their characters toons.
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I might be wrong, but Battlefield 3 used the term kit, right? I think it might just be EA trying to carry that concept over to ME.
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It's British terminology, meaning gear, equipment, and/or weapons. So apply used.
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"Kit" is used the menus. I don't get why anyone questions its use.
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"Kit" is as good as anything. I personally call them just "characters" or "classes." Or just "lil dudes." I've never liked the look or sound of calling player characters "toons" though, dunno what it is about the word exactly.

"My lil dude is stuck on a box. Your lil dude just blew up. That lil dude isn't gonna make it. Where's that other dude going?"
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toons... almost as dumb as yolo, almost.
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I hate the term "toons". The first thing that pops into mind when I hear that is Bugs Bunny or something >_>
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Xero_Macharius posted...
toons... almost as dumb as yolo, almost.

I'm actually looking to buy a "You Obviously Like Owls" t-shirt.
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Toons is used alot in MMOs to refer to one's characters.
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