Poll: Have you solo'd platinum?

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User Info: MightyMillers

4 years ago#21
I tried soloing gold the other day for the first time on Giant/Geth with a kroguard (yes I am obsessed with the guy) and got to wave 5 before the Missus needed something doing so I had to let myself be killed.

And I don't have the best gear so I think if I unlock better equipment I should be able to do it but then I have never tried a platinum game yet so I don't know what the step up is but I reckon it won't be long before I try it.

User Info: jocky58

4 years ago#22
Lately, I've been trying to solo Platinum on Hydra with a Shadow. I've tried twice and failed both times on the wave 10 objective.
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4 years ago#23
I have solo'd Gold twice for the Lone Wolf challenge. I will probably never do it again as it was too much Shoot>Charge>Punch>Shoot>Charge>Punch for 46 minutes! My fingers ached and my pulse was racing by the end of the second game.

So Platinum is something I will never attempt on my own.
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User Info: Think_Phone

4 years ago#24
i coulds do it if i felts likes it buts i just donts feels likes its durrrrr

yeah im sure
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User Info: XgArrancar

4 years ago#25
Once for solo mastery and never again, it takes so long it feels like a job.
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User Info: jkocka00

4 years ago#26
Solo'd Gold a few times, probably will try platinum eventually.

I will just need about 75 to 90 uninterrupted minutes, no friends on-line that want to play, no other good games or tv to watch or basically anything else better I could do with my time.
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User Info: MerenwenHelyane

4 years ago#27
finally solo'ing bronze
didn't think I'd ever be able to

I know I will never solo anything higher O_o
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User Info: manbearpig654

4 years ago#28

Supreme Overlord of Palaven's Moons. Hero of Benning. Nuclear powered Reactor master.

User Info: gangoplush

4 years ago#29
i have completed platinum every single time that i have tried it solo. so to answer your question, no.

User Info: Logective

4 years ago#30
I have got to extraction now but didn't make it.

Every time I try....and fail, I don't try for a bit.

So time consuming and not very fun. The REALLY part is getting close and failing, I'd rather die early than later.
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