Alright I'm not usually one to gush over Javik but dude really is hilarious...

#1Raze_da_KitsunePosted 12/8/2012 7:04:12 PM
Just got the e-mail from him where he says "I believe this concept of galactic control shared among races is a lie."

Post other good, funny Javik quotes.
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"They used to eat flies."

First thing that came to mind.
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On Noveria:

Shepard: Anyone wounded?
Javik: That shouldn't matter.
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She calls it her emergency induction port....
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My favorite Javik moment isn't from him but from Wrex if he's alive and you take Javik with you to Sur'Kesh..

Javik: [Something intense and tactical]
Wrex; "Who's THAT?"
Shep: *pause* "...he's a Prothean."
Wrex: *blank stare and shakes head* "I can never tell if the Normandy is a warship or a traveling freak show."

It's not that funny written out, but the timing is perfect in the scene
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