What's your favorite way to kill an enemy?

#31TrashCanNumber2Posted 12/9/2012 12:30:30 PM
sending them into the stratosphere with lash.
#32BoohuutPosted 12/9/2012 12:40:53 PM
Batarian brawler : biotic charge ... Falcon punch !
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SinisterSamurai posted...
Ring-out kills are my favorite. Even if the enemy is dead before the ring-out. Krogan Melee over a cliff, a well aimed Lash or Singularity. If their body is sent tumbling to a distant grave then its all good. I always wonder what the janitors think when they find those guys.
There should be a medal for ring outs.

My FAVORITE KILL EVER happened like this.

It was on Glacier against Cerberus, and I had my slayer. There was an atlas with full armor and shields in the area where the landing zone is there. I walked around the corner from the upstairs part heading to the landing zone, and when I saw that atlas standing there, I immediately fired off a phase disruptor at it. The PD knocked the atlas clean off the platform, and I effectively one-shotted an atlas in the process, and on gold, no less!

In general, my favorite way to kill is probably my kroguard's melee, but I am a fan of ANYTHING that kills phantoms quickly! Be it SS, charge and shoot from a vanguard, PD from my slayer, the acolyte or scorpion or falcon or GPS, if it can kill phantoms quickly, I am a fan of it!
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Recon mine killstreaks. Got 3 with three straight recon mines once. It was hilarious.

Also: exploding ballistic blades.
#35GrayZStarrPosted 12/9/2012 12:51:39 PM
SP: Reave + Flare. Erasing enemies from existence. KABOOOOOOM

MP: Chunky Salsa. Bonus points if it's a Phantom
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I like to make them choke on mint Tic Tacs!
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Tech armor vs 10 swarmers.
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