Dear not-quite-Gold ready players:

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No worries bro! I brought the GI. WTF! What happened to my shields? Oh, GOD! IT BURNS!

No worries bro! I brought the Kroguard. Let me charge in to that group of banshees and save you. But first I better melee that banshee. Oh god, she's picking me up. Her hand is inside me! Rape! Rape!

It's okay, I got you guyz! I broughtz da Ghost. Now just let me go melee that Brute..... whaaaatt..... why am I in the air? Stahp Brute..... stahp...... stahhhhhp! Huh, Brutes have a sync kill after all.

you guys made tuesday better :)

wish i could play soon. been working every day this past 2 weeks.
fly casual.