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4 years ago#181
Malzel posted...
Why did people even respond to farts in the first place

because everyone has to be the same and feel fake empathy
Absolute Monarch of The Lands of Hazardonia, Dictator of mutcnas
4 years ago#182
Ryan-06 posted...
some09guy II posted...
Hahaha. I almost want to take him off my ignore list just to see how right he keeps on proving me. Almost.

Lol, over the years I've been on this site. My list grown quite big =D. VIP! heh.

Btw whats the limit on the ignore list? I vaguely remember a bulletin posted by admin long ago for site updates, that it was increased to a new cap. Guess they figured people needed more slots to ignore lol.

At least 200. I'm a few names shy of that right now. Though I could probably get rid of a few near the top if need be because they were likely temporary troll accounts that've either been banned or are otherwise no longer in use.
4 years ago#183
andy12handy posted...
Once again, just my thoughts, but if you have a counter argument, please go ahead. As painful as it is to talk about things like this, it's better if I could gain some insight on it.

The thing with the media giving so much attention to killers is, as you say, the victims are boring. There's nothing to truly know about them most of the time. They're not much different than anybody we already know, and now that they're gone there is no chance to really know them. The killers are the focal point because they are not normal. Something about them is broken and people want to know what, how it broke, how they did what they did, all that, in part because they want to figure out how to make it not happen again.

Now, does this focus promote other crimes of a similar nature? Maybe in part. I don't think most do it to have their 15 minutes of fame or some such and I don't think the intense focus really helps cause it, at least not for most such people. What may have a hand in these events is when one person does it then another realizes how easy it is to accomplish. I mean, ever notice how these shootings tend to occur in sprees? Others, though (like the Virginia Tech guy) are kinda twisted by the events. They don't want the fame, what they want is the glory, or what have you. They find other massacrists to be heroes of a sort and want to replicate that heroism, much like some nut jobs have attempted to replicate the Joker in recent years.
4 years ago#184
We are safe, they are blaming call of duty.
Caoslayer, butchering english language since 6/9/2001
4 years ago#185
CaoSlayer posted...
We are safe, they are blaming call of duty.

Seeing "DYNASTY WARRIORS" in the URL made me roll my eyes back like I had a seizure. I used to play Dw since DW2 as a kid. I haven't killed anyone yet. oh well.

Gods damn the media in the west love to hate videogames. While graphic movies get away every single year. Idiots. Those UK tabloids however, are worse than Fox News. Cringe.
0=Rei. Pronounced Rei-six
4 years ago#186
CaoSlayer posted...
We are safe, they are blaming call of duty.

Pulling the blame game isn't good no matter who gets blamed. Though I disdain CoD, they don't deserve the blame game. Instead of giving the killer the spotlight, we need to be given outlets as to how we can aid the victims. Thoughts and prayers are a decent gesture, but I think we need to do more than that.
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4 years ago#187
Was sarcasm.
Caoslayer, butchering english language since 6/9/2001
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