Balance changes 12/18/2012 (Ninja'd suckas!)

#71OEIO999Posted 12/18/2012 7:30:23 PM
Never using the Acolyte again, great Christmas gift!
#72Xero_MachariusPosted 12/19/2012 12:20:44 AM
Loving the new packs, they're super amazing and I can't wait to try them out... oh wait... I've already maxed everything.

What about our weekend challenges >_<. Free commendation weapons damn it.
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#73orangeneePosted 12/19/2012 5:08:36 AM
Bought 2 reserve packs.....5 misses one hit.

Got HUMAN SOLDIER AND HUMAN ADEPT with a Vorcha soldier thrown (already have it). Second was a Batarian soldier and Assdept.

Guess I'm getting appearance upgrades for a bit.
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#74EarthshakerPosted 12/19/2012 12:35:59 PM
Bought a Reserves pack, and got medigel, human infiltrator training, Expert Package 4, and two characters i didn't yet have- Volus Vanguard and Vorcha Engie.
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#75windfoxxPosted 12/19/2012 1:44:03 PM
Never saw it answered: does anyone know if arsenal packs increase chances of getting UR weapons?
#76Jedi_MercenaryPosted 12/19/2012 2:28:36 PM
Death to the Acolyte!

Seriously though, why nerf Sabotage? Many guns kill enemies with one hit. Many powers that are considered bad kill with one hit and have short recharge times. Why nerf the crappy bonus feature of sabotage even more?
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#77Rogue MuttPosted 12/19/2012 3:10:00 PM
Deathsaurer posted...
So after I spend months grinding through the RNG, maxing the manifest, they come out with a pack that makes it easier to get what you want...two weeks after I maxed my manifest? And they nerf sabotage more? That's like punching me in the balls after stabbing me in the face -_-.

I don't think it is easier, just more focused depending on what new players are looking for. There is no higher Ultra Rare chance as far as anyone can tell, so it will still take the exact same amount of packs as it would have taken otherwise.

What we need is a freaking Gear pack. 1.5 million credits spent on PSPs = one Uncommon Gear upgrade and 3 Rare Gear upgrades + a whole lot of IV ammo.