Bioware could make big bucks if they make prequel DLC

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am dyslexic and have a learning disablement from when i died as a baby and sustained brain damage do to lack of oxygen pleas pardon my bad spelling and grammar

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Raze_da_Kitsune posted...
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am dyslexic and have a learning disablement from when i died as a baby and sustained brain damage do to lack of oxygen pleas pardon my bad spelling and grammar


yea, I saw that too, and I figured its one of two things.

1. Its real and I don't want to be that guy that makes fun of a disabled person for their disability.
2. Its fake and the person is putting on an act and wants to start a fight about it.

Both scenarios call for the same action. Ignore the spelling and grammar errors and focus my energy on other activities.
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I personally would love to see the First contact war.

worst dlc ever in the me series, even worst than pinnacle station. it would literally be a few space battles where you lose/win/lose/win then a group of soldiers starving on a planet before you surrender and the council interrupts the turians killing everyone.

This is pretty much exactly what the final misson in the pinnacle station dlc was. A simulation from a battle Ahern fought during the first contact war.
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Except, the ending would probably suck worse than ME3's.. they would be contained by canon and the choices of the character.. and it'd possibly turned into a shooter or something.. with a linear story..
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NOOOoooo no nononono.

if they were gonna make any kinda crazy should be one shots....allowing us to play as one of the squaddies from ME1-3....maybe some back story stuff like they did with DA:Origins....just better!

would buy!
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DLC expansions, or games, involving past wars would be incredibly boring, IMO.

Rachni Wars? Play as a Krogan, kill Rachni till they're extinct... yeah.

First Contact War? Play as a Human/Turian, kill Turians/Humans for 3 months, enact the armistice. Fun.

All in all, a prequel would be dumb since back then the only new thing would be introducing pre-Prothean species, or something, and the Reapers would be a threat again. This is a series I can only see holding interest if it moves forward with a new threat, like the Yahg, or something.
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until i see a release from Microsoft saying 2013 i call bs
and no anonamis sorses do not count. i herd the same stuff last year that it would be out for 2012 and it was not.

Take what you want from that. Its not direct from Microsoft, but the next Playstation is almost 2 years away, so Microsoft will absolutely attempt to get the jump on them by a year if they can. With the line between exclusive titles dwindling, getting your system to market first will absolutely win the next round of the console war.

That is nothing but IGN using rumor and speculation. Nothing is confirmed
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You know what would sell better: ending/epilogue DLC.
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Morning War DLC would be cool. A proper new game should be a sequel. Prequel DLC would be good though.