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3 years ago#11
Enemy_AC130 posted...
GoldenSWarriors posted...
TheM00d posted...
Just did the Kroguard and as many of you know, this class is crazy OP. I have not used him in a long time but I forgot just how broken he is. I did White, Geth (lol) and I didn't lose a bar of health through out the game. I also used no equipment, took 40 min. Got an escort, delivery, and an upload.

The most trouble I had was running out of ammo and having so many things hit me at one time that I couldn't charge properly.

Lowering the stagger rate on Krogans is nice and all but that was just insane. Now that I've completed the Gold sol challenge, I don't know if I can play a Kroguard anymore, it really feels like you're not trying when you use him.

Thanks for the Huntress suggestion, even though the game was longer it felt like an actual challenge.

Well you did fight geth... try collectors.

But he said it was too easy. You're guiding him in the opposite direction.

Gary you keep saying collectors are easy with the KV but every time we play them you get sync killed at least twice lol.
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3 years ago#12
Yeah Geth are super easy, I already know that. That game was just laughable though. As I said before, I was just looking to get those challenges out of the way but I wasn't expecting it to be that easy.
3 years ago#13
Kroguard / Geth is a joke, I was soloing Kroguard / Geth with no equipment before I could even play Gold regularly.
3 years ago#14
I found that out early on Kroguard vs Geth is easy mode. I wanted to get my solo run out of the way so I used him. Once I finish these other challenges I will go back and try another solo run of Gold with another character.

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