*Takes TGI with PPR X to bronze*

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User Info: Mr_Pipboy

4 years ago#11
DDRPimp123 posted...
What's a ppr x not trolling

Prothean Particle Rifle ... X denotes that its level 10
In case you can't tell, I was being sarcastic.
www.Omega-level.net | Salarian Sniper King of Rio 4-0 (4-1 overall)

User Info: gunhole

4 years ago#12
Cthe34Truth posted...
*immediately vote-kicked after the game*


What the... are people really that insecure? Why would you even let me start the game in the first place? Smh, smh... stay classy.

that's just rude.

I mean, what you did. not them...

User Info: Cthe34Truth

4 years ago#13
Yo, guys, like literally, I r teh goat. I fished broth and wound up my cables on the dark side of the rhind while caring 3 broth players on me cook.

TGI PPR is officially OP.
"So being 10 is not a deterrent from a romance aspect." -pillerofautumn
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  3. *Takes TGI with PPR X to bronze*

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