So, who uses the invisible weapon glitch on their missile launcher in MP?

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Carribean_Cool posted...
TC there is another way to perform this glitch, and it works for ALL species

Equip the launcher

Walk in to a ladder, switch weapons right before you climb. You gotta climb while the holstering animation takes place

Yes, I said that in the second paragraph of the OP.
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Removing the Missile Launcher from my back in the number one priority in a match. Even if I just finished a delivery objective and my teammates are about to bleed out or I'm getting swarmed by enemies, I'll still take the time to re-remove to from my back.
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I usually do it, but sometimes I'm just too lazy to give a damn.
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I used to do this when I first was told about it, because of the novelty. However, I personally find it mildly confusing, because when I'm trying to pull out or put away my launcher in a pinch, the animation is so subtle that I may mash Up too many times.
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I do it every time I can. Including after a pizza delivery mission.
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Aside from glacier, what other map doesn't have a ladder?
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spfurm01 posted...
Aside from glacier, what other map doesn't have a ladder?

Jade, London, and Hydra.
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Yeah, I do this. It kinda sucks when I'm playing a class that can't make it disappear and I'm on a map without ladders.
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