Please explain how Any/Any/Gold threw me into Platinum game at wave 2.

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sheepman23 posted...
I just got thrown into a Gold match where two of the players were invisible...

We actually extracted though, so it all worked out.

None of the textures for my allies' weapons ever loaded in. That was odd.
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terrysmay04 posted...
I got dropped into round 2 of a silver match yesterday while searching U/U/G. Took me a round and a half to realize wtf was going on.

I had something similar happen to me. My first time actually trying to be competitive with a Volus Engineer in a Gold match. Recon Mine was just demolishing everything, one-hitting the generic mooks and doing crazy damage to everything else. I was like, "My God, the Volus is broken!"

Took me until about wave 6 to realize something fishy was going, so I checked the score and it said "Bronze", lol.

recon mine kill streaks, FTW
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My favorite is when I was looking for silver match for my volus adept, then I got dropped into a gold match with all invisible players. Most worthless shield boosts ever
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I hate when I put a load of high level consumables on, queue for UUG and end in a bronze game at round 7. Happens much more often than it should IMO.
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