Who would you replace James Vega with?

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User Info: Nickious

4 years ago#41
Aigonroth posted...
Wrex would be my first choice because A) He's my favorite character in the series, B) He's a Krogan, C) they gave us literally the entire ME1 Squad back without Wrex so Wrex being back would just feel right to me.

After Wrex would be Grunt or Miranda.

Also TC I think you should do it for the whole cast just for the hell of it.

Yeah I thinking about it doing it for the entire ME3 crew. I was thinking maybe since it appears that Wrex was chosen to replace Vega, I will remove him from the poll opitions later and vary the chooses up a little.
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User Info: zodiaccurse12

4 years ago#42
Nickious posted...
zodiaccurse12 posted...
Miranda, I really miss her Slam ability from ME2

Doesn't Javik have Slam?

yeah but I like Miranda more lol girl power lol. It wouldn't be overkill if I used slam then slam again on the same enemy would it if not for the laughs.

User Info: Ultimate_Noob

4 years ago#43
Love Wrex like a bro (not a brother) but he already had some limelight.

I'd have liked to see Zaeed again.
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User Info: MrTubes

4 years ago#44
Replace Vega with Vega (Street Fighter).
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User Info: manrightchea

4 years ago#45
Grunt, ME 3 just feels wrong without a Krogan squaddie, and Wrex is in a leadership position. Grunt and Zaeed are both my homies but I'd rather have had Grunt.

I feel like they only made him buff because he wasn't a Krogan like everyone wanted, like a knockoff human Krogan.
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User Info: dooyaunastan

4 years ago#46
Jack's transition in 3 was one of my favorites, if not a little cheesy. I'd take her, Miranda, Grunt or Wrex over Vega any day. Conversations between Grunt/Wrex and Javik would be hilarious, I'm sure Tali and Miranda would have some friendly sparring, having a Jersey Shore fight between Ashley & Miranda (ala Jack & Miranda) if you banged them both would be hilarious.
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User Info: SinisterSamurai

4 years ago#47
General Lionwhyte. I was always curious about his backstory, and I wouldn't be surprised if he survived Sanctuary of Sin. They need a DLC were someone brings his body to the Sea of Black Tears.
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User Info: Rob_Indahood

4 years ago#48
Mmm I want to replace him with a second Garrus.
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User Info: phoenix52

4 years ago#49
I'd replace him with a version of himself that has far more dialogue. I really like Vega.
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User Info: coomobile

4 years ago#50
Rob_Indahood posted...
Mmm I want to replace him with a second Garrus.


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