In terms of gameplay only, how come ME2 insanity more fun than ME3?

#11MEPS3Posted 1/8/2013 3:55:07 PM
ME2 Insanity mode made the enemies much tougher and required a certain amount of strategy in squad selection and leveling-up to deal with shields, armor, barriers, etc, which even most "basic" enemies (Husks, LOKIs) had. In ME3 Barriers are pretty much only an issue with Banshees, shields with Marauders and Centurions, Armor with the Behemoth (or whatever it's called). ME3 just spams a lot of enemies at you, while ME2 had more variety and shoot-outs that were more tactical and less "frantic dashing around the map" all the time. ME2 also had FAR more unique enemies and bosses that ME3 was sadly lacking.
#12windfoxxPosted 1/8/2013 4:03:43 PM
I actually prefer ME3's insanity to ME2. As someone said, in ME2 it felt you were just downright being punished for picking certain classes. Biotic? Fine, slap a barrier that negates all your powers except warp on EVERY SINGLE enemy, and rely on your handgun with no ammo or woefully inaccurate at range SMG to deal with it. In ME3, every class feels viable, which makes it more fun IMO. You can make Shepard incredibly lethal with any class, which I enjoyed thoroughly.