For those that still don't believe in the duration/bonus power huntress.....

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I still don't see how bonus power on the huntress is better than power damage unless you're going with a melee build.

^ this

there is no reason why I want to stay cloaked after I throw DC

also, I like the Indra on my Huntress. I started using the Paladin and decided I preferred the Indra over it for whatever reason.

It's only for 2.22 seconds and 2.29 with Paladin. Not a big deal and you can position yourself to a safer distance as you wait. Plus you don't have to break cloak right away, you have 10 seconds to strategize your surroundings to optimize survivability before you throw the warp. DC still devastates all enemies even without the bonus power damage.

The indra is fine for my build as well since you can empty the clip in a very short amount of time, probably comparable to 3 shots with Paladin, and then cloak again close to the 2.82 seconds. I just don't like scoping with any weapons in the game except Widow or Black widow for quick scope action. I find I'm far more effective with pistols and ARs, such as the saber, than with most scoped weapons.
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I wonder if throwing warp than dark channel with bonus power would increase the effectiveness of dark channel more than the power boost? I mean DC has that increase against barrier and armour and warp actually make armor alot weaker.
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I got a higher score on a 4 man team on Platinum using the other build (Damage/Power Damage), either one works really...
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