Why do people always spawn rocket on Extraction wave?

#1HueyFremanPosted 1/9/2013 10:55:57 AM
I get it on most other waves (especially 7-10). 7-9 tend to be the tougher waves and it helps deplete the budget as efficiently as possible. On 10 you're just trying to get that money however you can.

On 11 it makes less sense to me because it's not going to deplete the # of enemies that we fight and will just spread them out again. The only thing I can imagine is that it's for your score which seems pointless. Is that it?
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#2Mr_PipboyPosted 1/9/2013 10:57:05 AM
score padding
In case you can't tell, I was being sarcastic.
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#3edgecrusher02Posted 1/9/2013 11:05:09 AM
yea i use it to get points for some of the heavys towards the enemy challenges.
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#4sheepman23Posted 1/9/2013 11:17:30 AM(edited)
It's for scores most likely. I have my consumable missiles maxed out, so if I happen to have one or two left on Wave 11, I'll usually use them, but not until we're really close to extraction. For instance, if there's a group of Phantoms and Dragoons coming at us in the last few seconds, I nuke them with a remaining missile.
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#5infinitexxPosted 1/9/2013 11:16:47 AM
If you've got a surplus of rockets, might as well blow some **** up.
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#6Cthe34TruthPosted 1/9/2013 11:19:43 AM
People are forgetting to mention killstreaks. I can get all 3 killstreaks on extraction wave if I bothered.
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#7jkocka00Posted 1/9/2013 11:46:47 AM
Mr_Pipboy posted...
score padding

I call it Manbearing
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#8popichueloPosted 1/9/2013 11:46:56 AM
I do it for fun if I have missles left. No reason not too as I have hundreds of the things.
#9Talon5967Posted 1/9/2013 12:53:17 PM
During extraction, I'll use missiles on any enemy that may make getting extraction difficult. I have over a hundred of them already, and the count is only increasing, so I have no reason to conserve during extraction.
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#10Gafgarion93Posted 1/9/2013 12:59:30 PM
score = experience, so it isn't pointless. Basically if the need never arises to use them all game and you wanna have a bit of fun at the end, why not?