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4 years ago#31
That guy is going to use the force? Stasis! Haha u frozen gg.
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4 years ago#32
Unless the Reapers use indoctrination on some Jedi or Imperialists.
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4 years ago#33
I voted ME because I like the ME universe (well, liked before 3...) more than I like the SW universe. I have no technical data to back up anything. I just like ME better.
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4 years ago#34
I have had several legitimate arguments with my friends about this.
My conclusion: It's all about the timimg. Depending on the time in which both of the universes meet, it could result in either sides' victory because of political instability or combative exhaustion. However, for the sake of argument, let's say that both have an amalgem of all the different factions and individuals taking up arms to side against the opposite force.

Begin wall of text.

Let's start with the similar forces. For almost everything in Star Wars, there is a tactical match in Mass Effect and vice versa. The opposite of the Republic would be the Alliance. Comparible for obvious reasons, but the Republic has far more resources and troops than the humans. However, there are also the Batarians, Turians, Quarians, and Elcor. Combined, the forces of the Clone Army and the combined forces of the various "troop" races in Mass Effect, the fight would be very even. This is because neither side would have good defenses against the others' weaponry. While Star Wars has a strong plastoid composite for armor to defend against plasma bolts, Mass Effect soldiers don't use plasma weapons, except for a few exceptions. (I'll talk about this later.) Similarly, Mass Effect soldiers have few defenses against plasma weapons, instead having ablative ceramic hardsuits designed to survive impacts against high-velocity projectiles. The deciding factor is the shields; Mass Effect troopers have them, Clone Troopers don't. This small advantage gives the Alliance a somewhat viable, if not hugely effective defense against beam weapons.

Now, some more specific troop comparisons. Wookies are some of the most iconic Star Wars beasts. They find a match in the brutish krogan of Mass Effect. Both are ludicrously strong, very tough, and are veritable tanks compared to infantry. Also, both species are very familiar with melee combat, wookies ripping the arms off of their victims, the krogan employing a feral rush to stun and incapacitate the enemy. In the end, it comes down to range. If they meet on a larger battlefield, the wookies would win due to their longer range bowcasters. However, if they met on even a remotely close quarters battlefield, the wookies would be demolished by the krogans' high survivability and shotguns.

Jedi. If no one has wondered what their comparison is, here you have it. The matter is very simple; biotics. To make a long story short, biotics would win. Why you ask? Jedi are so powerful aren't they? What could biotics possibly do? Here's the answer. The Asari. Every single one is biotic. I'm not saying the entire species would wage war, but the number of combat-ready asari massively dwarfs the number of jedi. There are something like 300 jedi, and well over 1,000,000 full-fledged, combat-hardened biotics. (Not just asari, though.) It would be a war of attrition. For every jedi (or sith) that falls, they would have to kill 30,000 biotics. Talk about overwhelming odds.

Now, my favorite part. Droids would match up with geth. It would definitely be a close call in this fight, and I'd have to call the fight a tie. Although the droids have tons and tons and tons of troops, the geth are simply more adaptive. Destroyers are better than Super Battle Droids, Snipers, Rocket Troopers, and regular Troopers are better than the droid infantry, especially in massive groups. The armatures would fight the Spider droids, the Primes would fight hailfire droids. Overall, a very close and epic battle.
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4 years ago#35
Now, for some vehicle action. Star Wars would definitely win in this case. It has a whole plethora of different ground vehicles, most notably the AT-AT and AT-TE. While the Makos and Hammerheads could do some damage, they would be absolutely annihilated by the firepower of the opposition.

Finally, and most importantly, space combat. In the Mass Effect would win. Why? Just a collection of seven letters would vindicate Mass Effect's victory; Reapers. If the end cutscene is anything to go by, there are a LOT of them. Thousands, maybe millions. They could take down the fleet of any faction in Star Wars with very little trouble at all. Plus, they ahve the Alliance fighters, cruisers, dreadnoughts, frigates and heavy cruisers for supporting fire. In the end, no contest in the space category. And for all those people thinking "the Death Star would do a ton of damage!", you are wrong. The Death Star needed hours to calibrate its main gun on a PLANET, let alone a fleet of ships.

Also, last but not least, the creepy crawlies of the two worlds. It would be the Yuuzhan Vong versus the collectors, and other creepy beasts(i.e. rancor, acklay) versus scions, praetorians, and husks. It would be close but once again, Mass Effect would win. Harbinger, Guardians, Assassins, and Drones would out manuever the Yuuzhan Vong, and destroy them. I don't want to go too much into tactics here, because I don't know very much about Yuuzhan Vong, but I think they would lose. The beasts of Star Wars would thrash the Reaper experiments, as no force could take on multiple rancors and acklay at once, end of story.

Sorry again for the absokute wall of text, but in the end Mass Effect would win mainly because of their more diverse trops, tactics, and weapons.
Id rather live with a good question than a bad answer.
Aryeh Frimer. Take this as a example Bioware.
4 years ago#36
taken from here-
Id rather live with a good question than a bad answer.
Aryeh Frimer. Take this as a example Bioware.
4 years ago#37
Did you just say there are 300 Jedi? What era of Star Wars are you looking at?

Also Biotics don't even begin to compare to the Force. sorry but... do you think the past tense of fight is thought? - Wolf_J_Flywheel
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4 years ago#38
If you say Mass Effect would win you're either a fanboy or not really knowledgeable about the craziness that is Star Wars.

Star Wars roflstomps its way through anything ME throws at it.

And to the guy who said ME is ahead in medical Just lol.

Bacta is readily available. Just dunk someone in a tank and they can heal from damn near anything. The only reason Padme dies is because she needed to for the plot, and you really can't hold that up as evidence that the medical tech is bad.

I mean, I love ME but Star Wars is kind of ludicrous. The Force is so much more powerful than biotics that it's not even funny. Luke has rooted himself in place with the Force so strongly that not even a black hole could move him. Stupid? Yeah, kind of. OP as hell? Yep.
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4 years ago#39
Alright TC, whoever wrote that wall of text is a pure fanboy? Millions of Reapers? That's bs.

Some people in Stat Wars would simply destroy the Reapers.

Hell, drop Nihilus on any homeworld and you've got an auto-genocide machine. sorry but... do you think the past tense of fight is thought? - Wolf_J_Flywheel
I am the paragon of humanity. You may worship me.....from afar...
4 years ago#40

Luke alone could probably obliterate all of the Asari at his full strength. The dude is a monster. And if you're combining eras there's gonna be at least 30000 Jedi. Probably more. At the time of the prequels there's around 10000 Jedi, there's more during The Old Republic era, and there's a couple thousand during Luke's time as Grand Master.

And ME does not have more diverse troops. The SW verse has literally hundreds of thousands of different species. Mass Effect has what, 15? Lol.

Reapers? Good luck with the Sun Crusher. Might take a while but it can just fly through all of them.

As for the Vong...this is the race that wiped out like half the galaxy. This is the race that uses literally no tech whatsoever and bioengineers everything they encounter into weapons. Giving them access to the various races of the ME universe is like giving them crazy new toys to play with.

Edit: Sorry, didn't realize that wasn't actually your writeup lol. There's a lot of BS in that.
"Would have liked to run tests on the seashells..."
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