Firebase Rio Platinum question, not about the box

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I thought it might be better to have one Demolisher and Destroyer on one walkway and the other two on the other walkway. Or do you think it would be better to have everyone on one walkway?

I meant side as in front (Near extraction) or back (near the box). Easiest way to do Rio.

I meant camping the walkways over by the extraction, literally standing next to the ammo box. Or are you referring to somewhere else? And I knew the box was pretty easy but everyone wants to do the box trick and I don't anymore. 1, it's extremely boring. 2, people are too stupid to understand 200% recharge with the Volus. 3, people are too stupid to understand you shouldn't have only 30 N7 Rating before playing it.

I literally once got someone with about 57 N7 Rating who was using a Level 2 Adept. Needless to say, we failed.

That's one way, but I meant you can have a sniper near the box and another one on the opposite side near the little maze thing, then the two destroyers on the catwalks to draw fire while the snipers pick targets off.

Forget all of you in the box. Thats was too boring

Does using that setup make the game go pretty quickly?

It was but I can understand why people do it. The thing I don't understand is how people can be such idiots when it comes to that and why people do it on Gold or even Silver. It takes the same amount of time and it doesn't get that much harder from Gold to Platinum.
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