say what you want about the volus being a joke class...

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I skip shield boost.

Yeah fitness gives you a lot more survivability.

Not so much about my survivability as it is about me taking the training wheels off for the rest of the team/

The best use of shield boost is the selfish one. You use TC to get a good shot of recon mine, then run back to cover using shield boost if the enemies spot you.

Proxy mines arent so useful because is the lesser brother of recon mine which have better damage, range and debuff.
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i usually skip fitness on all of the volus and just rely on shield boost but they are fun to play never scored higher the second with one though.
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I love the Volus Vanguard, I actually dragged a team through London, collectors, gold with him yesterday, coming in top with double the points of 2nd. I was genuinely shocked at the end!
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The volus are terrible
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