What the hell is wrong with this class? Day 27 Volus Engineer

#1CharmilePosted 1/20/2013 11:32:44 PM(edited)
Volus Engineer - Results (119 votes)
Power Synergy
1.68% (2 votes)
28.57% (34 votes)
Damage Output
4.2% (5 votes)
Crap Skills
2.52% (3 votes)
5.04% (6 votes)
1.68% (2 votes)
Other( Please Specify)
5.04% (6 votes)
What the hell are you talking about TC, this character is just fine
26.89% (32 votes)
1.68% (2 votes)
I've seen a housefly, I've seen a Tech Armor-less Sentinel, but I been done seen bout ever thing when i see a volus fly
22.69% (27 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Human Soldier-Nothing

Batarian Sentinel-Nothing

N7 Slayer-Nothing

Vorcha Sentinel-Nothing

Salarian Engineer-Crap Skills

Volus Adept-Damage Output

Geth Engineer-Nothing

Drell Adept-Health

Turian "Havoc" Soldier-It's not fair, Dark Troopers get Jump-Packs AND Arc Casters(Nothing)

Asari Vanguard-Nothing



Vorcha Engineer-We shut down machines, break fans. We're too poor to afford stylish goggles though.(Crap Skills)

QFI-Crap Skills

Human Vanguard-HAA-ARGHHHH(Nothing)

Asari Justicar-Nothing

BF3 Soldier-Product Placement(Nothing)

Human Infiltrator-Nothing


Volus Vanguard-I am a biotic god, I think things and they happen! Fear me, lesser creatures, for I am biotics made flesh!(Power Synergy)

Turian Infiltrator-The OPness it BURNS, especially that dodge

Human Sentinel-Nothing

Cerberus Adept-Nothing

Vorcha Soldier-Nothing

Asari Valkyrie-Nothing

Kroguard-FOR TUCHANKA!!!!(Nerf)
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#2herduliekmudkipPosted 1/21/2013 12:15:04 AM
literally nothing
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#3OEIO999Posted 1/21/2013 12:18:11 AM
What's wrong with this class? Health

Does it matter? No
#4MightyMillersPosted 1/21/2013 12:50:40 AM
OEIO999 posted...
What's wrong with this class? Health

Does it matter? No


Also he could do with being equipped with a set of step ladders or at the very least a box to stand on because sometimes when your stood in the hack zone you can't see over the wall or shuttle craft (if your on white), to shoot the enemy...... Heightist Bioware!
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#5BashyMcFetusPosted 1/21/2013 1:14:07 AM
OEIO999 posted...
What's wrong with this class? Health

Does it matter? No

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#6twinstarnumber1Posted 1/21/2013 3:12:25 AM
He's great but, It's kind of annoying to have to run all the way around some places just to get on the other side of low cover, off the top of my head i'm thinking the office in Vancouver.
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#7dragnhuntr666Posted 1/21/2013 3:41:01 AM
Since my Volus is now a superhero that can fly, anything else seems bland.....

BTW, Volus Protector FTW
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#8perfusionmanPosted 1/21/2013 4:39:27 AM
My only problem with him is that when tourer surrounded by badguys, you have to shield boost and run instead of being able to, say, fire a prox mine at your feet. You can't waste the cool down time for shield boost, which is a little annoying. Bt other than that, he's a great, great character.
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#9Mr_PipboyPosted 1/21/2013 5:04:00 AM
I voted nothing, but like all Voluses ... Voli ... Volen? ... Like all of ... them, they can't take or leap over cover. It means that they either can't access areas or must take the long way through potential danger.
In case you can't tell, I was being sarcastic.
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#10MightyMillersPosted 1/21/2013 5:12:05 AM
Yeah Vancouver is the Volus' worsed nightmare all them all them 3 ft high ledges.
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