I have a few questions about The Reapers(spoilers).

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1. Why do they all look the same except for the Human Reaper from Mass Effect 2/what makes it so special?

2. Does every galaxy have it's own set of reapers? (Mostly speculation, I would assume.)

3. The Citadel and Mass Relays are reaper tech, right? Why don't they start the indoctrination process? Wouldn't it make things easier for the reapers if everybody had already been indoctrinated when they started their invasion?

4. The reapers had to have been built by somebody, right? At least the first one. Why do you think somebody would somebody build the reapers?

5. The reapers only make one more reaper per cycle, right? Shepard kills quite a few himself(Sovereign, Human Reaper, the reaper on Rannoch, the reaper guarding the beacon), and I'm sure a lot of other reapers were killed during the war(A few must have gone down when we went back to earth, I think the thresher Maw killed one on Tuchanka, etc). That's 5+ Reaper casualties in one cycle, and they'd only regain one of those, not to mention previous cycles with better tech than us(Protheans, for example). At that rate, how long do you think the reapers could actually survive for?

6. What do you guys think happens to harvested Salarians, Drell, Quarians, Krogan, Yahg, Hanar, etc? (All we know is Human=Husk, Turian=Murauder, Batarian=Cannibal, Asari=Banshee, and then Turian mixed with Krogan makes a Brute. What are Harvesters?). Do you think they just straight up die? Or do you think they turn into some other kind of troop that just wasn't pictured? I'd love to see a reaper-teched Hanar.

7. Are Husks, Banshees, Cannibals, etc, Organic or Synthetic?

I know a lot of the answers are just speculation, but I'd like to hear some of your thoughts on it.
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1. Reaper ships are armour. The human reaper was to form the core of a reaper dreadnaught.

2. Unknown.

3. Good question. Perhaps they do. Look at the council's willingness to plant their heads up their collective backsides.

4. This is explained in game.

5. The reapers only make one capital ship per cycle, assuming that they can find a suitable race. Lesser races will be made into smaller strike vessels - such as the one we see on Tuchanka.

6. Good question. A shame BW never went more into that.

7. Bit of both.
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charon78au posted...
4. This is explained in game.

You mean by the child on the citadel? I assumed he was an AI that justified his rebellion against his creators("The created will always rebel against their creators.").
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1; All Reapers have a unique inner core based on the species used to create it while the outer shell is based on the species used to create the first Reaper. What made the human Reaper so special is that it was basically a fetus.

2; Unknown.

3; Indoctrination eventually destroys higher thought processes. If the relays and the Citadel indoctrinated people, it would prevent them from advancing to the point where the Reapers would wipe them out.

4; Did you even reach the end of the game?

5; One capitol ship is made each cycle from the dominant species. For example, the Protheans were likely made into the youngest capitol ship, while the Densorin would have been made into a destroyer, if they were converted at all. As for how many have been killed this time, this is the first cycle where the Reapers didn't come in through the Citadel and isolate everyone. Previously it was very unusual for a Reaper to be destroyed.

6; Those species weren't encountered in significant numbers by the Reapers until the very end of the war, so there wouldn't be very many husks. Except for the krogan, I have no idea why the Reapers felt they needed to combine them with turians.

7; Synthesis
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One of the dlcs also goes into the issue too. For #4
#6iamdanthamanPosted 1/24/2013 2:16:01 AM
#4 is also clarified in the Leviathan DLC.

As for #2, it is unlikely, since the reapers originated in our galaxy, so unless they had some way to traverse the vast distances between galaxies and begin the reaping process there, or the exact same thing happened there, there would be no reapers in other galaxies.
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#7Decadent OnePosted 1/24/2013 2:28:30 AM
The current cycle can destroy Reapers a lot more effectively than previous cycles because they're using modified versions of their own weapons against them, using the technology recovered from Sovereign.

This cycle was different because Sovereign was forced to confront the Citadel and could't just remotely trigger the apocalypse, because of the Prothean's last plan.

Previous cycles wouldn't have had the chance to gank a single Reaper capital ship like this and then recreate it's weapons.

Javik even mentions that his cycle didn't get an grand battles, it was just a slow grind until death, implying that the Protheans simply weren't making too much of a dent in the Reapers. It's doubtful they had ship-to-ship weapons as powerful as the current cycle's Sovereign-based arms.
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Not all of the Reaper ships look like Harbinger. We saw tons of different Reaper ships heading forwards the Milky Way in the ME 2 ending.

Guess Bioware retconned for Leviathan.
#9MightyMillersPosted 1/24/2013 3:14:55 AM

Here are someones idea on what some of the other species might look like as a reaper.
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#10Decadent OnePosted 1/24/2013 3:44:33 AM
Not all of the Reaper ships look like Harbinger. We saw tons of different Reaper ships heading forwards the Milky Way in the ME 2 ending.

Guess Bioware retconned for Leviathan.

Only the capital ships vary, the smaller ones are made to a template. The capital ships all bear a similarity to Harbinger, but show more variation. For example, only Harbinger displays the 4 glowing eyes design.
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