The people who believe in IT have become a cult, and they keep track of you(pic

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They've been removed from the Bioware social network permanently, so they made this forum to spy on users in the BSN and troll/flame them. They even keep a list of all the users they can keep track of and define people who believe in the IT as Indoctrinationist and those who don't as Literalists.
Be careful the next time you hear about IT (even though it's not gonna happen) they can keep track of you.
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Literalists?...these guys are insane.
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I used to like the indoctrination theory, but this is completely ridiculous.
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It's looking like they're almost as crazy as Scientologists.
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Talon5967 posted...
It's looking like they're almost as crazy as Scientologists.

SHHHH! D'ya wanna get sued?
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Bioware bus just keeps gettin' shorter.
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I can't read any of that.
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Nafzger posted...
I can't read any of that.

you did try and click on the image didn't you
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I'm not reading any of that but the IT makes perfect sense
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No it doesn't