What is your "go to" character for each multi-player class?

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User Info: Nafzger

4 years ago#41
Ex-Cerberus Adept
N7 Destroyer
Geth Engineer
Vorcha Sentinel
Geth Infiltrator
Ex-Cerberus Vanguard
XBL:ArsenalofGlory | PSN: Nafzger

User Info: terrysmay04

4 years ago#42
Drell Adept (I love all the adepts)
Batarian or Destroyer Soldier
Demolisher Engineer
Asari Valkyrie Sentinel
Salarian Infiltrator
Asari Vanguard
GT: THE Terry May
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User Info: Dark7Knights1

4 years ago#43
Adept - N7 Fury
Soldier - Vorcha Soldier
Engineer- Geth Engineer
Sentinel - Asari Valkyrie
Infiltrator - Asari Huntress
Vanguard - N7 Slayer
Makes sense to me...

User Info: Bubba787

4 years ago#44
Adept: Drell
Soldier: N7 Destroyer
Engineer: Human
Sentinel: Krogan
Infiltrator: Salarian/Geth/Asari/Shadow (best class for me)
Vanguard: Batarian
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User Info: biohazard1775

4 years ago#45
Human soldier.
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4 years ago#46
Adept: N7 Fury
Soldier: N7 Devastator
Engineer: Vorcha Hunter
Sentinel: Human
Infiltrator: Turian Ghost
Vanguard: N7 Slayer

User Info: ZacTB

4 years ago#47
Adept - N7 Fury
Soldier - Vorcha Soldier
Engineer - None really, maybe N7 Demolisher
Sentinel - Asari Valkyrie
Infiltrator - Turian Ghost or Female Quarian
Vanguard - Asari Vanguard

User Info: Grayfoxr6

4 years ago#48
Adept - Drell
Soldier - Quarian Marksman, Turian Soldier
Engineer - Geth
Sentinel - Paladin
Infiltrator - Salarian, Geth
Vanguard - Volus
XBL and PSN: Feralchicken01
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User Info: Fynox

4 years ago#49
Adept: Fury
Soldier: Vorcha
Engineer: Demolisher
Sentinel: Volus
Infiltrator: Geth
Vanguard: Asari

User Info: manrightchea

4 years ago#50
Adept - Drell
Soldier - Batarian
Engineer - Geth
Sentinel - Krogan
Infiltrator - Quarian Male
Vanguard - Krogan
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  3. What is your "go to" character for each multi-player class?

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