What is your "go to" character for each multi-player class?

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User Info: Fear the MONKEY

Fear the MONKEY
4 years ago#51
adept: asari justicar
soldier: vorcha soldier
engineer: quarian F
sentinel: paladin
infiltrator: quarian M or turian ghost
vanguard: asari vanguard or n7 slayer
psn id: FearTheMonkey

User Info: Jormungandr315

4 years ago#52
Adept - N7 Fury / Asari Justicar
Soldier - Batarian Soldier
Engineer- Volus / Human
Sentinel - Paladin
Infiltrator - N7 Shadow
Vanguard -Cerbguard
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User Info: metroidman92

4 years ago#53
Adept: Human Male/ Batarian
Soldier: N7 Destroyer
Engineer: Geth
Sentinel: Vorcha, i think. I don't play Sentinel too much.
Infiltrator: Human Male
Vanguard: Human Male/ Krogan
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4 years ago#54
Adept - N7 Fury
Soldier - Vorcha (Fire Explosions ftw)
Engineer- Geth (that turret!)
Sentinel - Paladin (Fire Exp... oh, I've already done that)
Infiltrator - Asari Huntress (probably, don't use them much)
Vanguard - that would be my Lone Wolf Kroguard! Sorry. I am an inadequate human who takes much pleasure from smashing enemies to oblivion.
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User Info: RustyShacklefrd

4 years ago#55
Volus Adept
N7 Destroyer Soldier
N7 Demolisher Engineer
Asari Valkryie Sentinel
Turian Ghost Infiltrator
Batarian Vanguard

User Info: foxop

4 years ago#56
Adept: Krogan Shaman
Soldier: Geth Trooper
Engineer: Geth
Sentinel: N7 Paladin
Infiltrator: Geth
Vanguard: Batarian Brawler
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User Info: Spider5800

4 years ago#57
Adept - Drell
Soldier - Krogan
Engineer - Human (default)
Sentinel - Asari Valkyrie
Infiltrator - Salarian
Vanguard - Krogan Battlemaster
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User Info: MetaIGearRex

4 years ago#58
These are my favorites, best or high score would be TGI or GI.
Adept: Fury/Default Human
Soldier: Destroyer/Havoc
Engineer: Default Human/Volus
Sentinel: Paladin/Valkyrie
Infiltrator: Huntress/Shadow
Vanguard: Default Human
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User Info: Deathsaurer

4 years ago#59
Adept - Justicar/Fury
Soldier - Krogan/Geth
Engineer- FQE
Sentinel - Valkyrie
Infiltrator - Huntress/FQI/Fem Human Infi.
Vanguard - Asguard
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User Info: bessy67

4 years ago#60
Adept: Batarian
Soldier: N7 Destroyer
Engineer: N7 Demolisher
Sentinel: Valkyrie
Infiltrator: Geth/Salarian
Vanguard: N7 Slayer
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