What is your "go to" character for each multi-player class?

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User Info: NilesMonkey

4 years ago#71
Adept - Human or Asari (depends on if I want stasis)
Soldier - Human (still trying to settle on a Geth build I like)
Sentinel - N7 Paladin (Me loves me those tech combos)
Engineer - Human
Infiltrator - Geth
Vanguard - Human

Apparently I need to try out some non-human builds. :)
Gamertag: Niles2828

User Info: TheM00d

4 years ago#72
Adept - Justicar
Soldier - Standard Human
Engineer - Female Quarian
Sentinel - Valkyrie
Infiltrator - Huntress
Vanguard - Drell or Kroguard

User Info: Indignation32

4 years ago#73
Goto list
Adept N7 Fury
Engineer geth engineer
Soldier N7 Destroyer
Infiltrator N7 shadow
Sentinal Vorcha sentinal
Vanguard Human Vanguard (if host) Kroguard otherwise

User Info: Foreman22

4 years ago#74
Koguard period. I have played with the elite on this board and lived to tell about it. I am not in their league but I sure do not always place last either.

User Info: Dingari

4 years ago#75
Adept: Volus or Drell
Soldier: Original Turian
Engineer: Human
Sentinal: Paladin
Infiltrator: Geth(offense) or Salarian(support)
Vanguard: volus/slayer
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User Info: windfoxx

4 years ago#76
Adept: Justicar
Soldier: Destroyer
Engineer: Geth Engineer
Sentinel: Krogan Sentinel/Vorcha
Infiltrator: Turian Ghost/Asari Huntress
Vanguard: Kroguard

User Info: chill 02

chill 02
4 years ago#77
Adept: N7 Fury
Soldier: Turian
Engineer: Human
Sentinel: Turian
Infiltrator: Geth
Vanguard: N7 Slayer
I should go.

User Info: Mu_Nova

4 years ago#78
Adept: Fury.
Soldier: Havoc. Either him or Geth Trooper once I get it.
Engineer: Volus. Number 2 is Demolisher.
Sentinel: Valkyrie, or Volus Mercenary. Or maybe Paladin, I dunno right now.
Infiltrator: Shadow.
Vanguard: Lol, Kroguard. Slayer and Phoenix come next.
"Ah yes, 'cliff racers'... I have dismissed that claim." ~ St. Jiub
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User Info: brokenknights

4 years ago#79
Adept: Asari Adept
Soldier: N7 Destroyer
Engineer: Geth Engineer
Sentinel: N7 Paladin
Infiltrator: Geth Infiltrator, Turian Ghost, N7 Shadow, or Salarian Infiltrator
Vanguard: Kroguard

User Info: popichuelo

4 years ago#80
Adept: Human or Krogan
Soldier: Human or Vorcha
Engineer: Human
Sentinel: Paladin
Infiltrator: Rarely use Infiltrators, no "go to" character.
Vanguard: Batguard
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  3. What is your "go to" character for each multi-player class?

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