Bioware, if you have any sympathy for your fans....hire Luc Besson for ME 4.

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Well, he hasn't DIRECTED all of these movies (excluding The Fifth Element), but he was involved HUGELY with the following in some manner: Taken, Taken 2, Lockout, and the Transporter series. Lockout was basically a story thought up by Luc Besson in his off time. That's how awesome he is.

The stories for all those movies are terrible. The only redeeming quality of the Taken movies is that Liam Neeson is in them.

Taken 1 was good...Taken 2 was awful
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None of these movies are any good.
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None of these movies are any good.

meh, i can appreciate them for what they are. mostly just mindless action movies meant to entertain solely for that purpose. though if i had to pick the transporter movies are the lowest on the list.
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