Correct me if wrong, but is this when I should play the ME 3 DLC packs? SPOILERS

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I never get why people say do Levi or indeed any dlc after Thessia, it makes no sense story wise. Think about it you have just had the one thing that you need to end the war snatched out from under your grasp, you have knowledge of where the person who stole it went, and yet instead of following hot on his heels you instead undertake a whole new mission

For me I do Omega after Palaven (Menae) and from Ashes and Omega after the Citadel coup as that seems like the only natural break in the storyline

Because doing Leviathan before Thessia has no effect on the dialogue in the latter, which makes Shepard and Liara look like idiots with the attention span of a goldfish.
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I do half of leviathan just before Thessia (I save Ann before Thessia), then I do thessia, then I do everything after saving Ann Bryson.

Running around the Citadel a lot right after thessia seems out of place to me, but doing it all makes Shepard look like a derp during thessia's cutscenes
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You should do From Ashes after Priority: Sur'Kesh on your first playthrough. Doing the former before the latter makes a certain boss sorta redundant.

I haven't played campaign in a while but don't you see that 'certain boss' during Grissom Academy?

I also just realized that I haven't had a game other than ME3 in my xbox for any appreciable amount of time for nearly a year!! And the messageboard is still in the top 5 for gamefaqs.

yes you see it near the end of the Grissom Academy mission
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