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User Info: Spartan070

4 years ago#31

Too low: Carnifex, Graal, Mattock, Eviserator and Kishok
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User Info: Environments

4 years ago#32
I agree with most of this list...EXCEPT...

Arc Pistol should be ranked -4.
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User Info: Nefhith

4 years ago#33
I wouldn't give the Harrier even a 5. It's a powerful weapon and stuff, but it's the most boring sh*t in the world.

Also, these are personal preferences, because many people would say the Acolyte is a solid 3 and other people would say the Widow is 487694238639286 times better than the Black Widow.

User Info: NilesMonkey

4 years ago#34
blutoblutarskyX posted...
"Okay, feel free to criticize and complain about how your favorite weapon was ranked so poorly."

You missed heavy melee.

Most damaging single shot in the game-

And for most classes the badass factor is 20/10.

Salarian Infiltrator with a Claymore.


Gamertag: Niles2828
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