SPECULATE: The rarity of the new weapons

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4 years ago#1
1. Adas Anti-Synthetic Rifle
2. Bloodpack Punisher SMG
3. Bloodpack Executioner Heavy Pistol
4. Venom Shotgun

Im gonna say:

1. Rare
2. Rare
3. UR
4. UR
4 years ago#2
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4 years ago#3
From: infinitexx | #002

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4 years ago#4
Why? Do you have any reasons?? Cause i have mine...
4 years ago#5
Opposite? I say diagonal. Maybe even metaphysical.
4 years ago#6
Shotgun and SMG UR. Only because t here are too ma ny UR assault rifles and pistols.
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4 years ago#7
1. Adas Anti-Synthetic Rifle= Rare, if the Acolyte is Rare this can be too, will be primarily an anti-shield weapon

2. Bloodpack Punisher SMG= Rare, there are only 2 Rare SMGs, will do balanced damage to armor/shields, lots of recoil, good but not too good

3. Bloodpack Executioner Heavy Pistol= UR, a pistol version of the Saber/Crusader, with the potential for 40% extra damge or 40% headshot damage and 50% less weight, its damage output and accuracy are incredible

4. Venom Shotgun= UR, only 2 UR shotguns, crazy powerful in SP, buckshot Scorpion, constant stagger
4 years ago#8
mega rare
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4 years ago#9
Adas = Rare; it's basically going to be the assault rifle version of the Acolyte.

Blood Pack Punisher = Ultra-Rare; we currently only have the Collector SMG as an Ultra-Rare. Plus it's a pretty great weapon, I've used it single player many times.

Executioner Pistol = not sure, could really go either way... although I'm thinking Rare since we already have three UR pistols.

Venom Shotgun = Ultra-Rare.
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4 years ago#10
1. Either way. In SP this gun is classified as a UR card. Since it has an area of effect I could see bioware making this gun crap if it's not UR.

2. BPP is also classified as a UR card in SP. Supposedly it's less accurate than a Hurricane with around the same power. The recoil could take some getting used to, but it doesn't seem to kick as bad as the hurricane. I could see it being our UR SMG to replace our Hurricane IIs and IIIs. Really hoping this is the case.

3. Executioner is pretty mediocre. Doesn't do enough damage to justify being a UR. We already have three UR pistols and one is the Black Widow version of this one. It's also a gold card in SP.

4. Venom looks OP. Definitely our first UR shotgun.
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