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User Info: edgecrusher02

4 years ago#1
does doing DLC(or any missions for that matter) AFTER the suicide mission still allow for them to count when importing into ME3? ive always done everything before the suicide mission. i ask because if so id like to save some things until after so i can actually use legion on missions. always hated that what i see as the most interesting character in the series can only be used for missions if you are ok with letting the crew die. seems like a wasted opportunity to me.
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User Info: bessy67

4 years ago#2
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User Info: meltor13

4 years ago#3
bessy67 posted...
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User Info: SearchmanV16

4 years ago#4
The only DLC I consider important is the Shadow Broker one. Arrival fills in a bit after ME2 and before ME3. I like Kasumi for the fun and the weapon it comes with, she is useful as a resource in ME3 and as a character in one mission. Overlord is good for one mission in ME3.
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