Do you ever see someone playing a class totally wrong and get the urge...

#51charon78auPosted 2/4/2013 10:51:07 PM
code_kirin posted...
Every single time I see an asari vanguard sniper.

Or no charge asari vanguard.

I love playing that way. : /
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Jedi_Mercenary posted...
And biotics with heavy guns can do ridiculous amounts of damage. Take a Valkyrie, give her full health, full Tech Armor, expose Warp, full weapon damage, good guns and Warp Ammo IV and make those soldiers see what true firepower is. Little risk build, but with a lot of dead enemies. The basic human Sentinel would get 5% better weapon damage, but the point is this class has more then one way to play it, the berserker build is just the traditional and fun one.

The people who spec upcreek Nevada usually don't have things like Warp Ammo IV, would spec Tech Armor for Melee Damage, Warp for damage, take melee instead of shields and health or something other equally insane. The base class build is a good idea, but you have to remember that it can be screwed up as well.

I generally don't get disturbed by people playing classes in different ways, I get disturbed by people claiming characters should be played a certain way

Remember that one CerbGuard on Firebase White who was trying to play Gold like you'd play bronze? That is why.
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