There's just something magical about a team of 4 volus....

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4 wrongs don't make a right
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Urdnot_Runt posted...
4 wrongs don't make a right

no... but they sure can get you paid!!!
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MightyMillers posted...
Jedi_Mercenary posted...
I want 4 Volus Sentinels that send out their minions to do their bidding.

I've always wanted to try something like this. I never been in a game where there was four combat drones or turrets. It would be cool to see.

Played a game of 2 Salarian and 2 Quarian F engineers, 2 stunning/exploding decoys + 2 flaming turrents = not much else for the characters to do.
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JediWatchmen posted...
why does everyone hate that box

Because it is boring as all hell, and you can't play public Platinum without 9/10 games being Rio.

Also it is slower than properly played matches.

Same reason everyone hated White, and to a lesser extent, Glacier.
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