Currently doing an Insanity playthrough, the game is better than I remembered

#1Carribean_CoolPosted 2/5/2013 8:44:11 AM

Yeah, I decided to start an Insanity playthrough a few weeks ago. I'm doing it as a Male Engineer, Renegade.

-Mars still may be my top 3 missions in this game so far.

-Saved Ashley in ME1, romanced her.

-I like James. He's one of my go to guys. He's great for fire explosions. I usually pair
him up with Garrus.

-Ashley! Nooooo!

- My buddy Wrex is back, and better than ever! Back in the maroon armor!

-And look, Mordin too! His scenes were great, and his redemption was good too. I still
miss Beattie though. I'd never sell Wrex out either. This cure is for real.

-Tuchanka was amazing. Seeing that Thresher Maw take out that Reaper was gold.

-God dammit. Forgot all about those stupid dream sequences.

-Grunt! His mission and appearance were great. Killed the bastardized queen, even though Garrus said we let her live on the condition she won't return O_o It was great to see Grunt come out on top at the end!

-Grissom Academy was such a *****. Jack is funny as usual. She was one of my favorites in ME2.

-The Citadel coup mission was pretty fun. Loved the elevator bits. Oh, and I convinced Ashley she's in the wrong too.

-Thane's appearance in this game was great. He had Leng beat dammit! I was pretty sad with his death. It was well done.

-Cortez, the future is what matters. Yesterday can't change. I like Cortez, he's the real hero.

-The Geth dreadnought mission was really fun, especially those waves of electricity depleting your shields. Legion, my god what have they done to you? Let's get you down from there.

-Oh, and Tali's dead.

-Jacob, good to see you again. His mission was really fun. It should be a MP map.

-Hello Samara. Sorry about you loss. No, don't commit suicide. See you on the battlefield.

-Shooting bottles with Garrus was great. great funny dialogue, no matter which line you choose to respond with.

-I know I'm known for disliking the treatment of ME2 characters, but now I'm just taking it for what it is. Grunt and Thane's appearances were amazing. It was good to see all my former team mates again. Jacob firing an Assault Rifle 1 handed like a Boss.

Now I just rescued Koris, which may be pointless seeing how Tali is dead.
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As a sixty-hour "goodbye" - and explanation - it was great.

It didn't have any actual Mass Effect gameplay in it. I just did the ME3 run, and have restarted ME1 for the first time since I finished my only shot of it 4 years ago. There's tons of actual *game* in there. Choice of missions. Side missions. Places to wander. ME2 ramps that up too, a Mos Eisley Cantina of weirdoes - alien and human.

For ME3 if you weren't really unnecessary taking pot-shots at Cerberus there wouldn't actually be a game in there. It's just a long one-way shuttle run with TIM throwing targets at you.
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It's not a bad game, but it's not great either. It's decent if you started the series with it. Could be better by expanding it ( altering the plot and not necessarily changing the endings). Not sure if such a thing is possible though, cause I am not talking about simple dlc.
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Oh what this game could've have truly been had it not been rushed. Parts of the leaked script was great too.
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#5foodeater4Posted 2/5/2013 10:11:59 AM
ME3 definatly has the most linear set of main missions. It throws like 3 or 4 sidequests at you sometimes, that are really good, but as far as main missions go, its the just basically a straight path.

Me1 let you do most of the missions in any order which was fun for replay.

ME2 was the same way.
#6Carribean_Cool(Topic Creator)Posted 2/5/2013 10:14:05 AM
Also I find Insanity a walk in the park compared to ME2.
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#7Hui_TianPosted 2/5/2013 11:05:36 AM
Carribean_Cool posted...
Also I find Insanity a walk in the park compared to ME2.

pretty much... ME2 Insanity run was painfully hard at times (collector ship), but ME3's Insane run is ridiculously easy in comparison. ME2 I had to have the right build and certain teammates to get thru certain points, ME3... not quite so
#8Carribean_Cool(Topic Creator)Posted 2/5/2013 4:24:51 PM
-Rannoch. Loved the level design, but Christ, 3 primes and that reaper boss was such a *****

-Uploaded the reaper code. Good riddance to the quarians.

-Legion dying sucks balls and feels like a cheap shock value death.
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-Thessia we go. It sucks we never had the option of exploring it before the reapers rocked it hard

-"You." Yes, Kai Leng is badgering us again. He talked trash about Thane during our fight. And he gets away. He'll get what's comiing to him.

-FFS not another dream sequence. Renegade Shepard my ass

-Off to Sanctuary. I loved this mission. It was well designed inside and out.

-We finally see Miranda one more time. Convinced Henry to let Oriana go. Miranda tossed his ass after he thought he was going to succeed in making a deal of letting him walk.

-Miri and Ori are safe and have no worries. Sure you can't join us? No? Ok...

-Cerberus base. How awesome would this have been if Jacob and Miranda joined us this one time? Nonetheless this was another great mission that I loved. I brought james, and man, his line after killing a Phantom is hilarious

-Going through the old logs were interesting.

-We've reached the most secure room. There, TIM will be waiting for us, or is he?

-Nope, instead he greets us via hologram. Apparently he's not happy about others sitting in his chair.

-Ah yes, we see again his lackey is badgering us, but for the last time

-Kai Leng is such a wuss. His ass went flying as soon as we locked up. He was no challenge at all. Him telling us to shut up after we pointing out his fleeing from Thessia doesn't help his case either.

-Still want a piece of me? You bet your ass I took the renegade option. That was for Thane you son of a *****!
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