Most Satisfying Renegade/Paragon interrupts?*spoilers*

#21Tbx66Posted 2/6/2013 6:40:29 AM
Paragon-Me2-Lotsb Liara.

Renegade-Me3. nobody messes with my girl.
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#22Tbx66Posted 2/6/2013 6:49:18 AM
pfh1001 posted...
Renegade-- the one where I threw up air quotes & dismissed the Turian Councilor's fears of what the so called Reapers were doing to Palaven.

The most obvious renegade interrupt in the game that Bioware somehow left out. I still wish this game wasn't so linear so I could leave the Turians to rot while helping races that actually mattered to me instead.

at least both the Asari and the Turians paid for their stupidity. Of course we didn't get a chance to rub it in their faces, but it is something. I am more disappointed with the salarians. Obviously the Reapers are a myth in Me. On 2 their councilor threatens Shepard, and on 3 they are playing politics and staying on the sidelines, while the rest of the Galaxy is burning.
"You assume i give a damn. That's cute."
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ZERO2936 posted...
Honorable Mention: Shooting Elnora (the Eclipse merc on the mission to recruit Samara).

That was great, all 3 of you taking turns shooting her :D
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#24edgecrusher02Posted 2/6/2013 7:55:21 AM
renegade - kai leng death, shooting udina, saluting/buying soldiers drinks with vega at purgatory(not sure why this is renegade)

paragon - pretty much anything that is meant to show a real friendship between shep and a character, mainly with garrus and anderson when you go in for the bro handshake/hug thing...same with wrex on tuchunka in ME2, pushing over niftu cal
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