What was your least favourite mission in the Mass Effect trilogy?

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iamdanthaman posted...
There was this one side mission in ME2 where you had to protect a Quarian from wave after wave of oncoming Varren. That sucker was seriously impossible on insanity. It's the only time where I actually just gave up and loaded up an earlier save because I just got sick of trying over and over to beat it.


Oh lol. I actually did that one on my recent insanity playthrough. Even as a soldier with adrenaline burst and the Mattock assault rifle from the firepower pack, that quest was a total b****.
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Every time Kai Leng shows up in ME3. Horrible execution of a supposed boss character who is only notable for having ridiculous plot armor & being an out of place, awful cyborg space ninja borrowed from some crappy anime.

I actually liked the first 80% of the Thessia mission, especially seeing how Javik basically made fun of Liara.