Which character of this class is your favorite? Day 3 - Soldier

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2 years ago#1
Which is your favorite? - Results (202 votes)
Human Soldier - Dude, he's going to have a heartattack after that many Adrenaline Rushes...
8.91% (18 votes)
Turian Soldier - I remember this one time that I gave a Turian Soldier a Hurricane. It was sweet.
9.41% (19 votes)
Krogan Soldier - Yo dawg, I heard you like fire, so we flamed your Carnage and infernoed your grenades.
6.44% (13 votes)
Battlefield 3 Soldier - I can't customize his armor? BUT WHY?!?!
1.49% (3 votes)
Batarian Soldier - "Hey guys, bro-fists for everyone! Except humans. I hate humans."
14.85% (30 votes)
Vorcha Soldier - I don't always Flamer everything, but when I do... ROOOOOWWWWWWW
7.43% (15 votes)
N7 Destroyer - Ghetto Stomp FTW.
25.25% (51 votes)
Turian Havoc - So much reach... not enough flexibility...
3.47% (7 votes)
Geth Trooper - "Does this unit have a soul?" Dunno, but it has Flamer. Go use it.
21.29% (43 votes)
Quarian Marksman - *takes a bullet in the suit* "Bosh'tet! Another month of infection!"
1.49% (3 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Day 1 - Infiltrator - (1) Geth Infiltrator (2) Salarian Infiltrator (3) N7 Shadow
Day 2 - Sentinel - (1) N7 Paladin (2) Asari Valkyrie (3) Vorcha Sentinel

Soldiers are up today. Still not sure who I'm going to vote for, since this is probably my least favorite class in MP...
XBL GT - Sheepman2342
2 years ago#2
Batarian for me.
"Immigrants. Thats all they do, you know. Just driving around, listening to raps, shooting all the jobs." - Malory Archer
GT: Bessy67
2 years ago#3
I predict a lot of geth
I'm getting too old for this :/
2 years ago#4
Of the ones I have unlocked = Batarian

Don't have = Vorcha Master Race, Trooper or Marksman
Gamertag: grvmnd
2 years ago#5
bessy67 posted...
Batarian for me.

I decided on him too. I was going to pick the Trooper, but for some reason there's more satisfaction in watching armored targets die from Inferno Grenades as opposed to Flamer. Plus he has Ballistic Blades, which are freaking awesome.
XBL GT - Sheepman2342
2 years ago#6
Why don't more people love the Humans?
First I'm the only one to vote for the HI, now the only to vote for the Soldier too? Come on, people. :(
Oh the movie never ends...
2 years ago#7
I loves me some Vorcha soldiers
"Run, run, or you'll be well done!"
~Kefka, Final Fantasy 6~
2 years ago#8
Soldiers were my favorite class. Picked the Batarian, but it was a close one.

Love the Krogan, regular Human (including BF3), regular Turian, Destroyer, Geth, and Vorcha as well.
2 years ago#9
N7 Destroyer.

I can run around with a missile launcher on my shoulder, launching grenades out of my wrist whenever I want. I also turn into the Terminator at will, gaining a huge boost a damage.
GT is Security Shield
2 years ago#10
the batarian might be my favorite kit of all. at least top 3.

(not the one I'm best with per se, but the one I have the most fun playing as...)
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