A good weapon for the Geth Trooper

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charon78au posted...
GoldenSWarriors posted...
Yay do I win something now?

A fork.

Yess!!! I've always wanted a fork! Gimmee! Fork it over!!
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Mr_Pipboy posted...

I want to say you recommended the wraith for either a drell adept or batarian soldier once and it has become my go-to shotgun. Tried with trooper and it was golden.
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I've been using the Falcon to stagger mooks to great effect.
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2nd place a spoon? Well spoon me up right now, baby...
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You can have me anytime you want. Grrrr
Uhh...check it...
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I should go...
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I hear 3rd place gets a knife....in the stomach.

Don't get 3rd place kids.
There's really nothing to say.
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delta___38 posted...
2nd place a spoon? Well spoon me up right now, baby...

2nd place is the first loser
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Acolyte is good, but I also like the Scorpion. The stagger helps give Flamer's dot time to work its magic.
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