Best strategy for Gold Geth runs?

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User Info: orangenee

4 years ago#31
Why can't I do anything......why am I nearly dead already......nothing nearby........OHHHH, a Prime is firing at me from the other side of Hydra through a small gap in cover.

Geth really are rubbish at long range......
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User Info: Jinteisama

4 years ago#32
I find that the best strategy for geth on gold is to remove the disc and insert a different game seeing as how the mp in this game is boring crap.

User Info: Nefhith

4 years ago#33
IronknuckleMM posted...
Any advice on a build particularly for Gold or, more importantly, Platinum? I feel like it seems a little weapon-dominated. My powers rarely feel like they are worth using agains the enemies.

Look for biotic and fire explosions. You don't need anything else. Weapons help, but you can do a lot with these nasty, nasty explosions.

User Info: IronknuckleMM

4 years ago#34
Thanks for all the input so far guys! It's too bad there is such an underculture of trolls here, but hey, it's GameFAQs/the Internet. I have recently discovered the joy of recon mines, and my buddy amd I are tearing things a new ass with two Drells. Gotta love those Michael Bay explosions!
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User Info: nifty3000

4 years ago#35
I've always enjoyed using the Salarian Engineer vs. Geth. What I do is ignore Decoy and put everything into Incinerate and Energy drain. Techsplosions everywhere! You also get all your shields back(plus a little extra with the right choice in evolution) every time you successfully use ED. Just bring a lightweight gun with decent rate of fire and disruptor ammo or armor-piercing and you should do well. He's a little squishy, but with ED you can always instantly recharge your shields. Just don't get caught out in the open too much.
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