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User Info: KADFC

4 years ago#11
Sorry, I was referring to both havinh Tactical Scan. I got it mixed up

User Info: Nacht004

4 years ago#12
QME is one of my main squeezes. He's a top tier engineer, and one of the best characters imo in the game in general. Very reliable, with little overlap on cooldowns between Tac Scan's incredibly quick cooldown and incinerate.

I usually play with a few friends so this is my build:

I like taking Tac Scan w/ Area for situational awareness and working with a friend who loves using Smash through walls on a Phoenix Adept. Additionally it helps me crowd control with Arc Grenades/Incinerate tech burst combos. Those are his bread and butter.

Keep it light with a pistol for max cooldown, and Grenade Capacity gear if you got it, 7 grenades is plenty + ammo packs. Never be afraid to use ammo packs. If you don't have a Carnifex, use a Phalanx. If you don't have a Phalanx, keep with the predator. You get the idea.
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User Info: Jormungandr315

4 years ago#13
sheepman23 posted...
This is the build I use:

I usually put a good assault rifle on him; cooldowns aren't such a big problem since Incinerate is the only spammable power you have.

This is how I roll it too. The rest of what Sheepman23 said was good too, just didn't wanna spam the whole thing.

I run with Mattock X, and that 170% cooldown means about an extra one hundredth of asecond on tac scan and less than a third of a second on incinerate over a carnifex x. Not huge jumps.

An argument can be made for either evo 6 on tac scan, it is a preference thing. Bonuses to tac scan: i can fire it off from cover without breaking cover. Slap in on someone you need dead immediatly . Anyone trying to set up a Biotic explosion in a PUG can attest, if an enemy is glowing, randoms shoots it first.
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