How long is Omega?

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Not f***ing long enough. Just my opinion though.

Being 90% action does make up for the short length somewhat.

I suppose, but still... I can't explain how I think it could have been better without descending to the level of " hurr durr, it shud hav bin longerr and hav moar choises da derp." But yeah, that.

Edit: Thinking about it, BioWare did somewhat set themselves up with LotSB and it could be wrong of me to expect that level of excellence every time, but still, make an effort.

Lair of the shadow broker was better content wise, but it actually took me longer to beat Omega (of course it my first time through, but still). Omega was good for what it was: action packed Aria fan service. In terms of story, Leviathan was far more interesting and more on the level of LotSB, but combat was more lacking.

I feel if they can take the action of Omega with a story on the level of Leviathan and LotSB, it can be longer and better than all of them.
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