Ending question *SPOILERS*

#11KaneOfShadowsPosted 2/15/2013 10:03:29 PM
I wish I knew. All I saw at the end was a red deathray.
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Beefstak posted...
In the end when the starkid is talking about the destroy option, he says it will destroy all synthetics and that Shepard is partially synthetic.. because of his implants right?

So does that mean the destroy options kills everyone with any kind of implants like the L2 L3 biotics implants, or any kinds of prostetics? Volus suits, Quarians with geth in their suits, where does it end?

Ede says at one conversation that Shepard is still human as the implants didn't replace her brain. She did mention certain things about some types of people who have replaced parts of their brains with computers so they probably would be dead or at least lobotomies enough to make them qualified for the us legislature.